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The story
The fate of metaverse is in our hands.
In a post-homosapien world, the Sentients, a robot species, is left to rebuild society. Unified around the goal of not making the same mistakes that led to the extinction of homosapiens, they scour the Earth in search of Tarvaa gems—mysterious objects that give wisdom and power to their holders.
The Mission
The Alphi Universe.
Alphi is more than just a community-led database, it is a storytelling platform that exists to build the Library Of All Knowledge—an open and free library of the metaverse.
FOUNDERS Collection: Tarvaa gems.
Each Alphi Founders Collection crate holds a unique Tarvaa gem—a mythical tool that unlocks wisdom and benefits to its holder.
Daily Phi
Archive your Tarvaa Gem to generate enough daily Phi to unlock all drops throughout season one.
Early access
Tarvaa holders will have first priority for events, merch, collabs, and allow lists for upcoming partnership projects.
Exclusive Insights
Gem holders will gain exclusive access to data and insights generated from the Alphi ecosystem.
Holders will be immortalized in the Library of All Knowledge we plan to build in The Otherside metaverse.
Each gem will evolve over time, eventually taking on its final form as..
Get on the Allow List
Top 25 XP holders get a free mint. Top 250 XP holders get a guaranteed allow list spot
Give and Get
Take the Alphi pledge and unlock an additional mint allotment when you pledge to give one away...
Questions & Links.
We are an ambitious team. Many of us have worked together to build world-class brands and products over the last 15 years. Please reach out and get to know us, our goal is to help the members of our community grow and win together.
When is the mint date?
Founders Mint begins Thursday June 29 at 9am Pacific
What is the mint price?
0.125E ETH
What blockchain are you on?
Alphi is on the Ethereum blockchain
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Founders Mint: Thursday June 29 @ 9am Pacific
Open Mint: Thursday June 29 @ 9PM Pacific